Weighty updatys

Hey lovely people!

I've just made a major update to Into Outer Bass. Well 2 actually.

Firstly, I was using a random SoundCloud API key I scraped from Github which stopped working (duh), so I needed to get something a bit more robust that side. I have done that :) 

Secondly, while there was something cool and retro about the menu system I had, it wasn't super user-friendly. I've gone and rebuilt the menu into something a bit easier to use and more understandable. 

I've also re-added all the planets and stuff so the gameplay is looking schweet. 

My next step is to implement global leaderboards, then I believe we may be ready for a proper release!


Herman <3


IntoOuterBass.apk 29 MB
Apr 18, 2019

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